Crossy Road finally reaches Google Play

Crossy Road is the ideal smartphone game. Photo: Yodo1 Games

Crossy Road is the ideal smartphone game. Photo: Yodo1 Games

Crossy Road, one of the hottest and most addictive smartphone games available right now, is finally available from Google Play. Just like its iOS counterpart, which has gained App Store fame since its debut last November, it’s free-to-play — but you may have some trouble finding it.

Crossy Road could well be the next Flappy Bird. It’s a simple game with simple mechanics, but it’s incredibly challenging and therefore insanely addictive. The aim is to guide a farmyard animal — you start out with a chicken — as far as you can across roads, train tracks, and rivers while dodging traffic and other obstacles in an effort to obtain your highest score.

You can post your scores to social networks to compete with friends — which makes the game even more addictive — and you also have the opportunity to collect and play more than 50 characters.

Crossy Road is the ideal smartphone game; it takes seconds to learn, and it’s a pick-up-and-play title you can quickly jump in and out of when you need to kill some time. Even if you’re not really a smartphone gamer, I bet you’ll like it.

Finding the game can be just as challenging as playing it, however. Thanks to its success on iOS, hundreds of clones have been popping up on Google Play in recent months, and so the official title often doesn’t appear at the top when you search for the “Crossy Road.”

To get your hands on it straight away, then, just follow the link below.