Unreleased Samsung Galaxy A3 gets shown off in hands-on video

Photo: Samsung

Photo: Samsung

Samsung’s new design efforts aren’t just for flagship devices; the South Korean company is also releasing affordable phones with sleek metallic frames. One of them is the Galaxy A3, which has already been announced but hasn’t yet gone on sale. That hasn’t stopped the handset from making its way into the wild, though, and it bears all in the hands-on video below.

As its specifications sheet suggests, the Galaxy A3 is very much an entry-level smartphone. It has a qHD display, just 1GB of RAM, and a somewhat measly 1,900mAh battery. It does have a welcome 8-megapixel camera that boasts many of Samsung’s latest camera features, though, and a super slim design that measures just 6.9mm thick.

The Galaxy A3 also offers NFC and LTE connectivity, and familiar TouchWiz features like Ultra Power Saving mode. It’s also one of the only entry-level smartphones with a built-in fingerprint scanner.

If you’ve been thinking about picking it up for some of these things, check out the handset’s first hands-on video below. It’s in Italian, but you don’t need the audio to get a good look at its software and features.