AT&T will slap its logo onto the back of your shiny Nexus 6


If you’re buying your new Nexus 6 from AT&T, be prepared to see a big AT&T logo slapped on its back. The carrier appears to be trying to conceal the fact that it has branded the purest Android smartphone you can buy, but if you know where to look, you can find the above image on its website.

Given that AT&T likes to stick its logo on everything it sells, it shouldn’t be too surprising to see one on the Nexus 6, but Nexus devices are famous — and loved — for the pure experiences they deliver. Even their Android firmware is free from third-party tweaks and carrier bloatware.

What makes things worse for AT&T customers is that the vast majority likely won’t be expecting an AT&T logo on their device until they unbox it for the first time. On the handset’s main page, there’s only one picture of it┬átaken face-on; you have to visit the carrier’s business portal to find additional pictures of its back and sides.

The logo is easily hidden by a case, of course, and most will likely want to protect their new smartphone anyway. But if you’re adamant you don’t want carrier logos on your handset, you’ll want to obtain it directly from Google instead.