Sony Xperia L gets an unofficial Lollipop port

Lollipop tastes good on the Xperia L. Image: Cult of Android

Lollipop tastes good on the Xperia L. Image: Cult of Android

Looking to breathe new life into your Sony Xperia L? What better way to do so┬áthan with an unofficial Android 5.0 Lollipop port? The ROM is based on genuine Sony code, and it delivers all of the features, improvements, and Material Design goodness you’d expect from a Lollipop upgrade.

Built by recognized XDA Developers member “varun.chitre15,” this port is relatively stable for an early build. However, it is still considered an alpha, and it has a number of significant issues that will prevent you from using it as a daily driver at this time — like a lack of Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth.

Most things do work just fine, though, including the display and touchscreen, audio and video playback, both the front- and rear-facing cameras, internal and external storage, and the vibration motor. While you won’t want to install this on your Xperia L if it’s your only smartphone, then, it’s plenty good enough for testing on a secondary handset.

You’ll need to flash the ROM using fastboot on your Mac or PC, but only after backing up your device, of course. It’s also worth noting that installing this software will void your handset’s warranty, so if that’s something you want to retain, you’ll want to avoid any Lollipop ROMs that aren’t released by Sony.

You’ll find the download you need and step-by-step instructions in the original XDA thread.