Sonos for Android Wear will put playback controls on your wrist

The Sonos remote for Android Wear. Photo: Sonos Forum

The Sonos remote for Android Wear. Photo: Sonos Forum

You’ll soon be able to control your Sonos devices from your wrist, thanks to a new Sonos app coming to Android Wear. The app, which is currently in beta testing with a select few users, will also show you which track is currently being streamed around your home.

Sonos killed its physical remote controls way back in 2012, opting instead for virtual ones that you can use on your smartphones and tablets. But in an effort to take speed and convenience to a whole new level, Sonos is bringing controls to your Android Wear device.

They’ll only be basic initially; you’ll be able to play and pause tracks as well as skip back and forth between them. However, we’ll have to wait for volume controls. With Android Wear displays being so small, there are only so many buttons and sliders that you can squeeze onto the display.

The Android Wear remote is expected to be compatible with all current devices, including the Moto 360, the G Watch, the G Watch R, and the Gear Live. If you’d like to try it out for yourself ahead of its public debut, you’ll need to sign up to the Sonos Beta program.