The Nexus 6 isn’t expected to reach the U.K. before December

Brits will have to wait for the Nexus 6. Image: Google

Brits will have to wait for the Nexus 6. Image: Google

If you’re an Android fan living in the U.K. like me, you’re probably itching to know when you’ll be able to buy Google’s new Nexus 6. But according to a reliable source who is familiar with the search giant’s plans, we’ll see nothing before December.

“Think you’re getting a Nexus 6 in the UK before December?” reads a tweet published this morning by MoDaCo’s Paul O’Brienwho correctly reported the date of Google’s new Nexus unveilings well in advance. “Think again!”

Given that O’Brien has provided accurate information about Google’s new Nexus devices in the past, we have no reason to doubt his claims this time around. But unfortunately, he’s yet to elaborate on that tweet, so all we know at this point is that Nexus fans in the U.K. won’t be getting the Nexus 6 at the same time as those in the U.S.

That’s somewhat surprising given that the Nexus 9 launched in both markets at the same time, but of course, it’s made by a different manufacturer — HTC instead of Motorola — so it seems likely there would be differences in supply, too.

According to Google Play U.K., the Nexus 6 is “coming soon,” and as yet no local carriers or smartphone retailers — not even Amazon — have confirmed availability. In fact, you’ll be hard pushed to find one that’s even acknowledged its existence so far.

Of course, you could have a Nexus 6 imported from the U.S. when it goes on sale there, but you’ll almost certainly end up having to pay custom fees and taxes that’ll push up its price tag.