With Nexus Player, Android TV passes Apple TV — at least for a day

Nexus Player. Photo: Google

Nexus Player. Photo: Google

As Apple’s preparing for its second big event in as many months, Google just quietly unleashed an arsenal of new products to push it past Cupertino, including the first real Android TV that will have you ready to ditch your Chromecast, and your Apple TV — at least for a day.

Google’s first Android TV set-box, Nexus Player, is a four-inch hockey puck shaped device that not only plays all your favorite movies and TV shows like on Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV, it also plays games.

We’ve been waiting years for an Apple TV update, but with Nexus Player, Google is bringing many of the features Apple fans have been wishing for from their favorite fruit company, such as apps, games, and a slick UI for more effortless browsing.

Nexus Player is powered by a 1.8GHz Intel Atom processor with PowerVR Series 6 graphics, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. What sets it apart from the competition though is its voice search built into the remote control. It also has Chromecast and a precise gamepad that brings serious Android gaming into the living room.


To find new shows to watch users can navigate through the flat interface of apps by scrolling up, down, left or right with the remote control’s d-pad or just tap the voice search button at the top and speak your wish into the embedded mic – something you can only do on Apple TV if you’ve got your iPhone around.

Android TV will also automatically suggest what to watch based on all the data Google collects on you, and with Chromecast built in, you can toss video from your phone to the big screen with ease. Gamers can tap into Android’s huge library of titles in the Play Store and use the Nexus Player to play multiplayer games with friends. The gamepad for Nexus Player looks similar to Amazon’s Fire TV controller that comes with two joysticks, a d-pad, four buttons and bumper buttons at the top.

Nexus Player goes on sale on October 17th for cost $99, but you might want to see what Apple has up its sleeve tomorrow.