Galaxy Note 4’s first update brings significant battery life improvements

Battery life is even better on the Note 4. Photo: Samsung

Battery life is even better on the Note 4. Photo: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is already getting its first software update, and it’s making some significant improvements to battery life. The release, which is labelled “XXU1ANJ4,” also promises to deliver greater performance and increased stability.

The Note 4 already boasted impressive battery life, with some reviews claiming improvements of around 30% over last year’s Galaxy Note 3. This certainly isn’t an area that needed prompt improvement, then, but Samsung has chosen to focus on it anyway with its first Note 4 update.

The release is currently being rolled out to the international (SM-N901F) Note 4 variant — the one powered by a Snapdragon 805 processor — over-the-air, and it’s expected to reach other variants in the coming weeks. It weighs just 36MB, so it isn’t exactly a big download, but it does have a big impact of battery life, SamMobile says.

The Note 4 is coming to the U.S., the U.K., and other markets on October 17, so this update will be instantly available to those who will be receiving the SM-N901F in their region. With the launch date so close now, it’s unlikely this particular release will be pre-installed.