You can finally pre-order upcoming movies from Google Play

Screenshot: Cult of Android

Screenshot: Cult of Android

Google has finally given Play Movies customers the ability to pre-order upcoming titles — if you live in the U.S. There are currently 15 movies to choose from — including 22 Jump Street and Guardians of the Galaxy — and they’ll be added to your library automatically on the day they become available.

The pre-order process is simple: You just purchase the upcoming movie you want like you would any other Play Movies title, but rather than being able to watch it right away, you’ll need to wait until it becomes available. On that day, you’ll receive an email receipt from Google and the pre-order will be added to your library (you won’t be charged until then), allowing you to watch it as soon as you’re ready.

Making pre-orders is a great way to ensure you can watch an upcoming release as soon as it’s available. It also serves as a handy reminder; I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve forgotten a film I couldn’t wait to watch was on its way until I received the iTunes email to say it’s available.

However, pre-ordering doesn’t come with any incentives like additional content or reduced prices — at least not yet — so it’s really no different to just waiting until the movie becomes available and buying it then. Nevertheless, it’s now there as an option for those who want it.