Tales of Pocoro is a new puzzle game designed for Android Wear

Screenshots: Tales of Pocoro/Google Play

Screenshots: Tales of Pocoro/Google Play

While it may be possible to install and play regular Android games on your Android Wear watch, we recommend you don’t because it almost always results in a horrible user experience. Instead, why not play games specifically designed for the Android Wear platform, such as Tales of Pocoro, a new puzzle game that boasts more than 200 levels.

Tales of Pocoro isn’t the first game built exclusively for Android Wear — the platform has already seen its fair share of Flappy Bird clones — but it might just be the first one actually worth playing. In addition to gorgeous retro graphics, there are plenty of levels to play through, characters to unlock, and three different difficulties to master.

The aim of the game is to get Pocoro to the exit in each level by traveling over a series of different “columns.” Some simply need clearing so that you can pass, others will make you jump two spaces, and some will even teleport you to a new place. You control your character using the onscreen arrows, and there are other simple gestures for doing different things — like accessing the menus and controlling the camera.

Tales of Pocoro is priced at just $0.99, and it’s well worth trying out if you’re a puzzle game fan who wants something to play on your Android Wear device. It’s compatible with the LG G Watch, the Samsung Gear Live, and the Moto 360 (a special round interface is coming soon) and you can download it from Google Play now by following the link below.