Google brings public playlist search back to Play Music All Access


Google Play Music All Access subscribers can now search public playlists again. The latest app update reinstates the feature after it first made its debut — and was then promptly pulled — back in August.

With public playlist search, All Access subscribers can find and enjoy playlists created by other users with similar tastes. I’ve used this feature a lot in services Spotify, because it allows you to find compilations and song collections that may not be available otherwise, such as soundtracks for movies and games that were never released.

Google first introduced this feature to Play Music All Access back in August — alongside a new “Feeling Lucky” home screen widget and some design improvements — but it was quickly pulled without reason. Presumably it wasn’t ready for the public yet, or it had some teething problems that had to be ironed out.

But it has now returned, and you can find it inside the latest Play Music update, which is rolling out now via Google Play.