You now have up to 2 hours to refund a paid app or game on the Play Store

Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android.

Google has silently updated its support pages to mention the fact that the Play Store refund window for paid apps and games has been increased to 2 hours. 

The two-hour refund window had been working unofficially since a long time for a majority of Android users on nearly all the titles on the Play Store.



Last month, a Google spokesperson had revealed in a statement to Android Police that the refund window can extend to more than 15 minutes and up to two hours for certain titles on the Play Store.

Now, it looks like Google has made this policy official, which is always a good thing. Initially, Google offered a 24-hour long refund window for any app or game purchased from the Play Store, but had later reduced it to a mere 15 minutes, which was by no means is sufficient enough to know the quality of an app or game.