GameStop is teaming up with Cricket to sell you smartphones with your games

Image: Mike Mozart/Flickr

Image: Mike Mozart/Flickr

GameStop has formed a new partnership with Cricket Wireless that will see it selling smartphones in its more than 2,800 stores across the United States. Customers will be able to trade in their old phone, games consoles, and other electrical goods and put the credit towards the purchase of a new handset from Cricket.

The move follows a successful trial in selected markets, and both companies expect the phased rollout to be complete by the end of this October — at which point customers will be able to purchase Cricket smartphones with the company’s no annual contract service from GameStop stores nationwide.

GameStop believes the move will allow its customers to “get their favorite technology simply and affordably” all under one roof, while Cricket, which is a subsidiary of AT&T, sees this as an opportunity to “accelerate its retail footprint across the U.S., solidifying our position as a national player.”

Both Cricket and GameStop offer their own loyalty programs — Cricket gives customers who stick around for more than a year $50 credit to spend on a new phone, and GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards program offers member discounts and collectable points that can be redeemed against purchases.

By joining together, the companies can deliver “exciting and unique rewards possibilities for the future,” including unique offers, new ways to save, and exclusive extras.