Verizon is not getting a new Moto X Developer Edition

Photo: Motorola

Photo: Motorola

Motorola has confirmed that the new Moto X will not be available as a Developer Edition device on Verizon this time around. A GSM version is still expected for those on AT&T and T-Mobile, but those with a need for a CDMA version are out of luck.

Developer Edition devices are identical to the originals in almost every way — but with one important difference: They all ship with unlockable bootloaders, allowing developers and those who like to tinker with their smartphone’s software much more freedom than they would get from a regular unit with a secure bootloader.

Verizon did offer a Developer Edition of the first Moto X, but when asked if a second-generation version was coming, too, Motorola’s vice president of product management, Punit Soni, told customers on Google+, “unfortunately no.” The reason behind this decision is unclear, but Soni did offer an apology to those disappointed by the news.

If you’re looking to get your hands on a Developer Edition Moto X, then, it looks like you’ll have to join a GSM carrier, too. But there’s always a possibility that the third-party development community will provide a bootloader unlock for the regular Verizon device, of course.