Moto G2’s retail packaging shows up ahead of launch event

Photo: Motorola

The original Moto G. Photo: Motorola

We’re almost certain that Motorola will announce its second-generation Moto G at a press event in Chicago this Thursday, and a new leak that shows its retail packaging out in the wild suggests a launch is right around the corner. Like the second-generation Moto X, however, it appears the handset’s new name may simply be “the new Moto G.”

The packaging is unlike any of the original Moto G boxes we’ve so far, and it appears to depict a slightly larger device — though it isn’t easy to tell with just a photo how big it will be. What’s interesting is that the handset’s moniker on the box is just “Moto G,” not “Moto G2” as many of the rumors have labeled it.

Photo: Akshat Mittal

Photo: Akshat Mittal

This indicates that the device will maintain the Moto G name and not get a new one. Earlier today, we reported on a Verizon leak that indicated the new Moto X would be named simply “the new Moto X,” rather than the “Moto X+1” — and so calling the new Moto G just that makes sense.

If you look closely, you’ll see there isn’t just one Moto G box in the image above, but a whole line of them. The photo was supposedly taken in a Flipkart warehouse where stock is now being stored in preparation for a launch sometime later this month. We’ll know its exact launch date and price tag this Thursday.