Samsung Gear S will also be available with an abundance of crystals

Bling-bling. Photo: Samsung.

Bling-bling. Photo: Samsung.

Just days after announcing its new Gear S smartwatch, Samsung has revealed a second model with a little bit more bling. It’s part of the “Swarovski for Samsung” collection, and its strap is adorned with hundreds of crystals, representing “distinctive union of Swarovski craftsmanship and Samsung technological expertise.”

The strap is designed to add “a striking radiance to the Samsung Gear S,” Samsung says, and it helps the South Korean company to “stay ahead of trends and on the current-edge of design and style.”

The Swarovski Gear S utilizes a new material called Crystal Fine Mesh, which integrates crystals directly into a metal mesh to make them more flexible and more durable. It’s specifically design for fashion and items of this kind, and it’s already being used by top brands in the fashion industry, Samsung says.

By adopting Crystal Fine Mesh, the Gear S becomes one of the “most exclusive products in the Swarovski assortment.”

How much you’ll have to pay for that exclusivity is unclear at the moment, because Samsung hasn’t yet confirmed the device’s price tag. We’ll know more when it goes on sale in October.