The best Android apps and games: August 2014


August was a pretty crazy month in the Android world. While there were no major device launches, quite a few popular apps and games did make their way to the Play Store, making it a good month for Android users all over the world.

So without further ado, scroll below to check out our list of the top apps and games released last month. 



TapPath comes from the developer of Link Bubble and Action Launcher, Chris Lacy. True to his style, the app offers a very unique functionality that has never been offered before by any app on the Play Store.

The app allows users to customize the action on single, double and triple tapping a web link. For example, users can customize the triple tap on a web link to automatically share the link to Pocket or PushBullet or perhaps open it in Link Bubble.

TapPath is definitely a must-have app provided it fits your use case scenario.

Download: TapPath


HTC's Zoe app finally made its way to other Android devices last month

HTC’s Zoe app finally made its way to other Android devices last month

Released by the new Creative Labs division at HTC, the Zoe app brings the popular Video highlights feature of Sense to all other Android devices. As described by HTC, the video editing application allows users to “create, share and remix professional-quality highlight videos with your friends.”

The app allows users to select pictures and videos from a certain event or day and then compiles them into a beautiful 30 second long video highlight complete with a theme and background audio — both of which are fully customizable. It works on most of the major Android devices from Samsung and LG running Android 4.4 KitKat.

Download: HTC Zoe

Blur Launcher

This new launcher from Klinker Brothers (Developers of Talon) is different from a plethora of other launchers available on the Play Store and offers a Google Now style ‘pages’ for third-party app integration. This way, users can simply swipe to the left to access the pages of their favorite apps.

Klinker brothers have already provided an API for these pages, which means it is now up to third-party app developers to add support for it in their apps.

Apart from pages, Blur launcher also packs all the other features that are usually found in a launcher including support for icon packs, gestures, resizable homescreen grids and more.

Download: Blur Launcher

Last App Switcher

Last app switcher is a must-have app for heavy multi-taskers

Last app switcher is a must-have app for heavy multi-taskers

Last App Switcher allows users to quickly jump from their current app to their last used app and vice versa. By default, the app offers a transparent floating button tapping on which will make the user jump back to the previous app they were using in an instant.

Users can also set the swipe-up from the home button gesture to switch to the last app, in case they are not really a fan of the floating button. LAS is almost a must-have app for all seasoned Android users who are heavy multi-taskers.

Download: Last App Switcher

Swing Copters

Swing Copters is another addictive game from the developer of Flappy Birds

Swing Copters is another addictive game from the developer of Flappy Birds

Swing Copters comes from the developer of the insanely addictive game Flappy Bird — Dong Nguyen. Just like Flappy Birds, Swing Copters features 8-bit graphics and an extremely simple yet tough gameplay.

Users are required to guide their character who has a propellor on his head without smashing into any obstacle. While the premise is simple, Dong has made the game extremely tough and actually rolled out an update last week to make it less frustrating to play.

Download: Swing Copters

Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator is currently only available for Android tablets

Surgeon Simulator is currently only available for Android tablets

Ever wanted to experience how doing a surgery feels like? Surgeon Simulator for Android lets you get your hands down and dirty with the organs of Bob, “the world’s unluckiest patient.” Bob needs a heart, double kidney, eyes and teeth transplant and it is up to you to safely conduct the surgery to make sure that he stays alive.

The problem? Your hands are shaking and you don’t really have all the appropriate tools for the surgery, which makes saving Bob a near impossible task.

As stated by my colleague Killian, Surgeon Simulator “is one of the most stupid games you’ll ever play, and also one of the most enjoyable.” Sadly though, the game is currently only available for Android tablets.

Download: Surgeon Simulator



In Alone, users control a rocket ship travelling through space and it is their duty to make sure that it avoids all the debris, comets and other rocks coming its way. Sounds simple, right? That’s not the case though as the game is pretty hard and requires a lot of concentration and skill.

Alone comes with three unlock-able difficult levels and two bonus modes for hours of gameplay.

Download: Alone

Honorable mentions

Below are some other games and apps worth checking out were released last month.

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