Messy medical procedures are fun in Surgeon Simulator for Android


If the sight of real blood and guts isn’t your thing, but you’ve long wondered what it’s like to mess around with someone’s organs, then you’re damn crazy! get ready to make your next Google Play purchase. Surgeon Simulator for Android is here, and it lets you carry out all kinds of insane procedures on incredibly unlucky patients without actually hurting anyone.

In Surgeon Simulator, you take care of Bob, “the world’s unluckiest patient.” In addition to heart and double kidney transplants, Bob needs new teeth and eyes, and it’s up to you as surgeon Nigel Burke to make it happen. Your dangerously shaky hands make even the simplest things near impossible, but if you fail, Bob will die.

You’ll use ridiculously inappropriate tools to get the job done, and hard work is rewarded with more than 50 achievements. When you’re ready to take a break from the theater, there’s a built-in mini game that lets you try your hand at moving a trolley around the hospital corridors.

Surgeon Simulator is one of the most stupid games you’ll ever play, and also one of the most enjoyable. The only downside is, it’s currently available only on tablets. If you own one and you haven’t already rushed off to download this game, do it now by following the Google Play link below. You’ll love it.