This simple trick enables 1080p streaming inside YouTube for Android



Google is slowly rolling out 1080p streaming within the official YouTube app for all Android devices that support it, but it seems the change is happening pretty slowly. If you’re one of the many still waiting for it and you have a rooted device, you can now enable 1080p streaming yourself with this super simple trick.

All you need to do is perform a simple “build.prop” edit, which, in simple terms, means you need to edit one line inside a file. Again, you’ll need root access to do this, as well as a file browser that lets you access the root directory; I recommend Root Explorer.

Once you have those things, open up your file browser and go to the root directory, then tap “System.” Find the file named “build.prop” and then tap and hold it until a menu pops up. Select “Open in Text Editor.”

Inside the build.prop file, scroll down until you find a line that reads “” and change the Android version number to “4.4.2” — it should look like this:


You can now tap the menu button in the top right corner and then select “Save and Exit.” Do not change anything else inside the build.prop file because you could break things. Be sure that the “version.release” line is the only one you edit.

It’s now recommended that your restart your device. Once this process is complete, open up the YouTube app, select a video, and then open up the playback options by tapping the gear icon. You should now see a 1080p option.

This trick has been tested numerous devices, including the Nexus 5, the HTC One M8, and the OnePlus One. It’s not guaranteed to work on all, however, so you’ll just have to try it on yours to see how you get on. Whatever the case may be, let us know in the comments.