HTC Duo Effects Gallery lets your friends refocus the photos you take on your M8


When you share the fancy Ufocus photos you’ve taken on your HTC One M8 online, your friends don’t get to see how awesome the refocusing effects actually are. But now they can, thanks to HTC’s new Duo Effects Gallery, which allows for your images to be edited online after you’ve uploaded them.

In addition to Ufocus, Duo Effects Gallery allows viewers to play around with Foregrounder and Dimension Plus, which use unique effects to make the subject of the image stand out.

By allowing One M8 (and J Butterfly) owners to share images like this, HTC gives those without one of its devices the chance to experience its widely-praised camera technology and photo editing features. The company will no doubt be hoping that it will convince new users to adopt one of its latest devices.

It’s great for existing users, too, because it makes it easier to demonstrate Ufocus and the other effects, and showcase the photos you’ve produced with them to your friends. It’s easy to describe how they work, but it never sounds as exciting as seeing it in person.

Do share your Duo Camera photos with friends, simply update to the latest HTC Gallery app — via the Google Play link below — and tap the “Share” button beneath a chosen image. Then select “Link,” and choose the method with which you wish to send it. You friends will then be able to view the image in their browser and play around with the effects themselves.