Amazon lets Android tablet owners team up with Fire TV gamers in Sev Zero

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 14.23.56

In a somewhat surprising move, Amazon is allowing all Android tablet owners to team up and co-operate with Fire TV gamers in Sev Zero, the retail giant’s exclusive game. The official companion app, which was previously available on to Kindle Fire HDX owners, can now be downloaded through Google Play.

It’s called Sev Zero: Air Support, and it allows a second person to play alongside a friend with a Fire TV box. As its name suggests, the companion app is used to provide air support to the first player, helping them battle invasions by firing missiles, freezing aliens in their tracks, and deploying explosive traps.

Its release is quite a significant step for Amazon, because although its own devices run a heavily modified version of Android, the company has traditionally avoided bringing its products and services to third-party Android devices through Google Play. For instance, Prime subscribers cannot access instant video on rival Android devices — they must buy a Kindle Fire.

Amazon could be hoping this move will sell more Fire TV boxes. Gamers might be more inclined to buy one if they know they can use their existing Android tablet as a companion device, rather than having to buy a Kindle Fire as well. But I’m not sure how many people would buy a Fire TV just to play Sev Zero.

If you’re interested in the companion app, you can download it via the link below. Remember, this isn’t a standalone game; it needs to be connected to a Fire TV running Sev Zero, otherwise you can’t do anything with it.