Google Music’s new widget offers instant access to ‘I’m feeling lucky’ mix


Google Play Music for Android is getting a nice new update this week that adds a new widget for instant access to your “I’m feeling lucky” mix. This release also makes improvements to the app’s existing widget by introducing a new design and finally making it resizable.

With the latest Play Music release (version 5.6.1616) installed, you’ll find a new 1×1 widget that, when tapped, instantly starts playing your “I’m feeling lucky” mix. This is the custom radio station Play Music curates for you based on your tastes and the music you’ve added to your library.

In addition, the existing Play Music widget has been given a new lick of paint that fits in nicely with Android L’s upcoming Material Design overhaul. You can also resize it for the first time — from 3×1 up to 4×4 — so it fits into your home screen setup easier then ever before. The bigger you have the widget, the bigger album art will appear on your home screen.

Other changes in this release include a new “Manage Downloads” section inside the settings menu, and the ability to find public playlists via the search function.

Like all Google app updates, this one will be rolled out in phases, so if you haven’t already received it, you should do soon.