Thief takes stolen Google Glass to a rave and unknowingly records it all


Today we’re bringing you the story of Mike Geller — a young tourist who, on Tuesday, visited New York City with his Google Glass unit in tow, but, unfortunately for him, it didn’t quite go according to plan.

Whilst relaxing in Bryant Park after capturing some great footage of the surrounding skyscrapers and a front-seat view of a roller coaster ride, Geller was approached by a young inquisitive stranger asking “Are those Google Glass? Can I try them? Can I try real quick? Let me just see them.” To Gellers astonishment, the man bolted with the unit the second it was in his hand.

The thief was unaware that Geller was live-streaming video via a third-party Glass application, called LiveLens, at the time of the theft. Unfortunately, Geller has not been able to retrieve his Google Glass unit as of yet but did get to see the conman drinking beer and attending a rave after swiping his device.

You too can see the thief in action. Geller has now published the full video on YouTube, which can be seen below. The robbery takes place at the 2-minute mark.