AT&T HTC One X Proves That Quad-Core Isn’t Everything

If the lack of a quad-core processor had you balking at the idea of purchasing a stateside HTC One X, you might want to take a look at the following benchmarks because the results of the Snapdragon S4 version show that quad-core isn’t everything. A forum member over at Android Central was able to give us a look at some early benchmarks using an AT&T HTC One X and Vellamo and Quadrant benchmark tools. The results are astonishing and have the S4 destroying quad-core powerhouses such as the ASUS Transformer Prime.

While benchmarks aren’t always the best was to measure the real-world performance of a device, it’s a pretty good indicator. The fact that the Snapdragon S4 in the AT&T HTC One X outperformed almost every other device proves that just because you slap a quad-core sticker on something doesn’t make it better. I’m betting a fair amount of you are now looking at the AT&T One X in a whole new light. It’s surely going to be one sweet device and brings us back to the dual-core vs. quad-core debate.