HTC’s new Windows Phone could be a One M8 clone



Why change a winning formula? That seems to be the question HTC asked itself when planning its next Windows Phone offering, which is said to be almost identical to the One M8 but without Android, according to new reports. It even has almost exactly the same name, but instead of being labeled just the “One M8,” it’s the “One M8 with Windows.”

Internally, the handset is codenamed the W8, but it appears HTC wants to cash in on its trademark One brand when the device goes on sale later this year. According to the ever-reliable @Evleaks, the handset will make its debut on Verizon with Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8.1 operating system pre-installed.

Not only could the One M8 with Windows looks just like the original One M8 (confused yet?), but it’s also expected to offer many of the same specifications — including front-facing BoomSound speakers, and that unique Duo Camera setup. It will also support VoLTE, but it’s unclear whether this will be available at launch.

Citing its own sources, Engadget says that the One M8 with Windows will be available during the third quarter, “or no later than the end of September.”

The One M8 with Windows does sound like a pretty silly title, but HTC has been known to call its Windows Phone devices strange things in the past. It’s last offering, for instance, was officially named the “Windows Phone 8X by HTC.”