Selfies might just be the most narcissistic image sharing network yet


You now have a new place to upload your favorite pictures of your own face, thanks to Selfies, a new image sharing service from the creator of WordPress. It’s almost like Instagram, only photos of your dinner or your lattes or your cat aren’t welcome… unless they’re in front of your face.

By now you’ve probably realized that the selfie trend isn’t one that’s going to fade away fast.

Pictures of your friends’ faces have been popping up in your Facebook news feed and on your Instagram timeline for months, and they’ve become the most fashionable way of sharing what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. The status update alone is no longer sufficient.

The selfie is so popular, in fact, that companies are quickly finding new ways to try to capitalize on it. The latest attempt comes from WordPress creator Automattic which has launched a new image sharing network dedicated entirely to the selfie aptly named Selfies.

Available exclusively on Android initially, Selfies lets you scroll through and endless public stream of faces — and upload your own. You can add captions and filters to your images, and you can send your selfies as responses to those from others — kind of like in Snapchat.

Selfies is still pretty experimental at this stage, however, which is why we’ve heard nothing official about it from Automattic since it hit Google Play over a week ago. But the company obviously has improvements in the pipeline and big plans for the service — including the ability to filter streams and an iOS app.

In the meantime, you can use the Selfies app to post to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter so that your best images aren’t completely wasted on random people. Get started by downloading the app via the Google Play link below.