Roll back the clock and enjoy older versions of your apps


Ever updated an app and found that the latest version just doesn’t work as well as the last, or that the developer suddenly dropped support for routed devices? It’s likely happened to us all at some point, and usually, it’s not easy to fix. But AppDowner lets you install earlier app releases without losing any data.

I recently ran into this issue with my banking app, which dropped support for custom ROMs in its latest release. I use a OnePlus One that ships with one of the most popular custom ROMs (CyanogenMod) out of the box, so I was suddenly unable to access my account to check my balance or make transfers.

Fortunately, I make ROM backups, so I had a copy of an earlier version of the app — but I was unable to install it because Android doesn’t let you downgrade your apps (overwrite newer releases with older ones). But AppDowner from senior XDA Developers member “pyler” does.

AppDowner takes advantage of a Unix command that gets around Google’s downgrade restriction. All you have to do is select an older APK and tap the install button and it does the hard work for you — while leaving all of your app data intact, so you don’t lose anything.

Of course, you’ll need the necessary APK files to use AppDowner, but if you make regular ROM backups, you should have them. If you don’t, you may be able to find earlier APK files online, but you should be careful about where you download them from. Only ever use trusted sources, and obviously don’t download apps you don’t already own.

To download AppDowner, follow the source link to the XDA thread below.