Paranoid Android now supports the OnePlus One and several Oppo handsets


The OnePlus One ships with one of the biggest and best custom ROMs right out of the box (CyanogenMod), but for those who like to tinker and switch things up every so often, there are other options available — like the Paranoid Android ROM, which now provides official support for the One and a number of devices from Oppo.

The Paranoid Android ROM offers a number of nifty features that other custom ROMs don’t, such as a slide-down volume panel, excellent notification options, and its trademark Peek app. It’s also incredibly smooth and responsive, and it offers great battery life. These are the things that have made so popular among those who like to use custom ROMs.

Paranoid Android traditionally only provides official support for Nexus devices — though unofficial PA ROMs are available from third-party developers — but it just added the OnePlus One and a whole bunch of Oppo devices to its compatibility list, including the Find 7, Find 7a, Find 5, and the N1.

This means users can now install firmware directly from the PA team, and enjoy speedy updates. Official ROMs also give users the opportunity to submit bug reports directly to PA, and the more reports they receive, the more stable the software will become.

If you have a OnePlus One or any of the Oppo devices listed above, you’ll find a new ROM for it in the Paranoid Android download center via the source link below. Happy flashing!