Bloatware could soon be optional for Android users on Verizon


When you buy an Android smartphone on contract in the U.S., it comes with a whole bunch of pre-installed applications, many of which you’ll never use. If that wasn’t frustrating enough by itself, carriers also prevent the apps from being removed, so they’re always there in your app drawer, making things look messy and taking up storage space.

But for Verizon customers, that could be about to change.

Verizon is trialing a new service on the LG G3,” the company confirmed this week. When customers purchase this particular device, a number of apps will be pre-installed in the background during the setup process — just like usual. But they won’t be so difficult to remove.

“However, there IS one key difference,” Verizon’s press release explains; “the applications can be completely and entirely uninstalled by the customer via the standard uninstall process.”

There may be some caveats that Big Red isn’t telling us about, however, so all is not right with the world just yet. Droid-Life reports that while they were able to remove some of the pre-installed apps from their Verizon G3, others did not have an uninstall option.

Either the trial is only available on selected G3 devices, then, or some apps simply have to remain installed — particularly those made by Verizon itself.

Do you have an Verizon G3 and are you able to remove its bloatware? Let us know in the comments section below.