Xbox One SmartGlass beta now lets you buy games on the go


The Xbox One SmartGlass beta for Android is getting a new update today that allows gamers to buy new titles remotely when they’re on the go. The update also makes finding new and popular games easier, and allows you to view items that have been shared with you via a message.

The ability to remotely buy games for your Xbox One means you can purchase and begin downloading that new title you’ve been itching to play from your desk at work, then have it ready to play as soon as you get home. That painful wait for new games to install is gone.

While that’s the most exciting change in today’s SmartGlass update, there are many others, including the ability to like a game clip and items in the activity feed, to view items that others have shared with you, and to browse for recent and popular games and add-ons.

The update also promises greater stability and a whole bunch of bug fixes. If you haven’t already downloaded the SmartGlass beta app for Android, you can find it in Google Play now via the link below.