Oyster e-books are now available in your browser on almost any device


Oyster, the all-you-can-read e-book subscription service that finally made its debut on Android earlier this month, is now even more accessible. From today, Oyster users can enjoy titles in a web browser on almost any device — including your Mac or PC.

Oyster’s latest move comes less than a week after Amazon announced Kindle Unlimited, a rival e-book subscription service that offers 600,000 titles for $9.99 a month. Oyster offers only 500,000 for $9.95, but many of Amazon’s titles are self-published books from the Kindle Direct Publishing program.

It’s unclear how the two services really compare when it comes to offering the most books from the biggest publishers, then, but Oyster is doing all it can to ensure it can keep up — starting with a new web-based service that lets you read e-books on almost any device.

Of course, the best Oyster experience on Android and iOS is via the official app, but if you have a BlackBerry or Windows Phone handset, or you just want to read books on your computer, then you can do so by visiting Oysterbooks.com.

The web app provides almost all of the functionality you expect from Oyster, including access to your reading list; the ability to search for new titles; options to customize text size and theme; and even a night time reading mode. And because Oyster has sync built-in, you can pick up from right where you left off on your mobile device.

If you haven’t already signed up to Oyster, give it a shot today and enjoy your first month absolutely free.