Spice promises first Android One smartphone for October


Indian smartphone maker Spice has confirmed it will launch its first Android One smartphone by the end of October. The device is expected to deliver a dual-core processor, two SIM card slots, and a built-in FM radio — and in line with the Android One program, it should cost under $100.

The announcement comes just a week after The Economic Times reported that the first Android One smartphone would be launched in India in time for Diwali, which is also known as the festival of lights and takes place will be celebrated this year on October 23.

The report also claimed that Google will help raises awareness of the Android One program by spending more than Rs 100 Crores (approx. $16 million) on marketing it. That figure could later rise to $1 billion as other Android One devices are made available.

Spice hasn’t confirmed the handset’s specifics yet, but it’s thought it will be very similar to the Android One device made by Micromax that was shown off at Google I/O back in June. In addition to a 4.5-inch display, we can expect a dual-core processor — possibly made by MediaTek — two SIM card slots, a microSD card slot, and a built-in FM radio.