Productivity platform Pyrus delivers Android Wear support


Pyrus, the platform that prides itself on making you and your team more productive, is now claiming the title of the first productivity platform that delivers support for Android Wear. It means your shiny new smartwatch is no longer just for checking the weather and playing Flappy Bird clones; now it can help you get more done on the move.

Pyrus is all about taking team management out of your email inbox and providing you with a separate environment for things like task management and delegation, document sharing, and more. Rather than distributing jobs via email and hoping they’re seen, you can use Pyrus to ensure they reach the right people.

Pyrus isn’t just for the office, either — it’s also being used to make families more productive. You can use it to share tasks, projects, and documents with your wife and kids; to manage the family schedule, and lots more.

Pyrus has long been available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, but its new Android Wear client means it’s even easier to get stuff done when you’re on the go. It delivers instant task notifications to your wrist, then allows you to read and reply to them without pulling out your smartphone.

You can also complete and approve Pyrus tasks on your Android Wear, or have your device open them on your phone for additional options.

Pyrus is completely free to use for up to 12 people, but for those with bigger teams, there are paid subscription options. If you haven’t already tried it out, follow the Google Play link below to download the Android app and get started.