Samsung drafts famous iPhone user for its awesome new ad

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 16.31.19

Samsung gets a lot of stick for its commercials — mostly because they almost always make cheap stabs at Apple and other rivals. But the South Korean company does have the ability to produce great ads every so often, and its latest, featuring pro surfer (and iPhone user) Kelly Slater, is downright awesome.

Entitled “Every Day is Day One,” the two-minute clip is almost Apple-like. It depicts how Samsung devices are changing people’s lives every day, from helping them keep in touch with friends to capturing memories that they never want to forget. And it doesn’t stick the technology right in your face like other Samsung ads do.

You will see glimpses of the Galaxy S5 and the new Gear Live smartwatch, though — alongside professional surfers like Stephanie Gilmore, Gabriel Medina, Mitch Crews, Johanne Defay, and Kelly Slater, who, ironically, is actually an iPhone user when he’s not starring in a Samsung ad, according to his tweets.


So, there you have it — Samsung can make great ads from time to time.