HTC brings its Sense 6 keyboard to Google Play


HTC today made its default Sense 6 keyboard to Google Play, making it easier to rollout updates and fixes in a speedy manor. Don’t think that this means you’ll be able to try it on third-party devices, however; it’s strictly for those made by HTC.

HTC has brought a number of its own apps to Google Play recently, and it’s all to provide its users with a better experience. It means the Taiwanese company can issue updates and fixes and rollout new features to individual apps as and when they’re ready.

In the past, updates to built-in apps would have had to wait until an entire firmware update was ready, and then they would have been packaged inside that. And we all know how often those come around — it meant waiting months for important updates to be made available.

In addition to the Sense 6 keyboard, HTC has also released its Gallery, Sense TV, BlinkFeed, and Dot View apps through Google Play. You can only download and install them on supported HTC devices, however, so unfortunately, this won’t allow you to try out those apps on other devices.

To download the latest version of the Sense keyboard, just follow the Google Play link below — but do yourself a favor and shield your eyes from its app icon.