Asphalt 8 teases Modern Combat 5 with explosive new challenge


To celebrate the upcoming release of Modern Combat 5: Blackout, Gameloft has rolled out an awesome new challenge inside one of its other hugely successful titles, Asphalt 8: Airborne. It features a new track inspired by the hit FPS series that’s full of explosions and crumbling buildings — and there’s a nice prize for the best racers.

The new track, which is teased in the trailer below, is based on the Venice track already found in Asphalt 8. It’s no longer the quaint, relaxing place it once was, however. You’ll have to race through the city streets while buildings explode and fall around you, helicopters hover up above you, and missiles fly past you.

It’s the most exciting and the most intense Asphalt 8 experience to date, but if you can handle the pressure, you could be in with the chance of winning a prize. The best racers in this challenge will receive a free copy of Modern Combat 5 when it makes its debut on Android and iOS this Thursday, July 24.

You have until the game’s release to compete, and you can do that on either Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. If you don’t already have Asphalt 8, download it now for free by following the links below.