Google Maps gets new voice actions and improved bicycle directions


The latest Google Maps release for Android introduces some nifty new voice actions that make it even easier to get travel information while you’re behind the wheel. It also improves bicycle directions, makes the Your Places feature easier to find, and makes the Uber card available under both the car and public transport tabs.

The new voice actions are by far the most exciting feature in this release. Available in navigation mode, they allow you to quickly get travel information while you’re on the road without taking your eyes off the wheel. Simply tap the new microphone button that’s located in the bottom left corner to get started.

You can then ask things like, “what time will I get there?” or “how’s traffic ahead?” and Google Maps will speak an answer back to you. It’s a little temperamental at the moment, however, so you have to get your questions just right. Check out the voice actions demonstration below from the folks over at Android Police.

In addition to this, Google has improved bicycle directions by providing elevation information that will help you establish just how difficult your ride is going to be before you set off. You can also compare elevation information for multiple routes, so if you don’t feel like cycling uphill to much, you can select an easier path.

Other changes include a Your Places tab inside the navigation drawer, and Uber cards in the car and public transport sections.

The new Google Maps update is rolling out now via the Play Store, but like all Google app updates, it will be available in batches over the coming days. If you don’t want to wait for it to reach your device, you can download and install the APK manually; just follow the source link below.