Cruzer Lite Androidified A2 Case For Samsung Galaxy Nexus [Review]

One of the first accessories purchased by mobile consumers happens to be a protective case. Consumers certainly have good reason to protect their investments and nothing’s quite as depressing as dropping a brand new $600+ naked device onto concrete (I should know). Now if we were your normal local brick and mortar mobile carrier or accessory store, we might suggest a “cheap” $20 silicon cover to protect your device. Since we’re anything of the sort, we’ve found you a case that will not only protect your device, but will Androidify it!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few Cruzer Lite Androidified A2 high gloss TPU soft gel skin cases and I’m going to tell you what I think of these scratch resistant thermoplastic polyurethane cases as well as give you a chance to win one. So check out the video review and keep a look out for your chance to win one in this week’s Swag Sundays.

Visit the links below to pick up your very own Cruzer Lite Androidified case.


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