Google Play web store now lets you report inappropriate apps


Google has made major improvements to the web-based version of its Google Play store in recent months, adding some of the functionality that users have become accustomed to with the native Android app. Today those improvements continue with the arrival of a flagging feature that lets you report inappropriate apps.

Google’s “open” approach to Android means the Play Store, unlike its rivals, is largely unrestricted. Developers don’t need approval before their apps are published. Some take advantage of that and release software that should not be available through Google Play for all sorts of reasons.

Until now, the only way to report those apps was via the Play Store app for Android, but users can now flag them through the web store, too. The “Flag as inappropriate” link appears in the “Additional information” section — just under the content description.

When you click it, you’ll be taken to a support page that provides more information on the ways in which apps might be inappropriate, and you can select the one you think fits best. From there, you’ll get a link to a web form which lets you explain the problem you’ve discovered.

It’s a small change, but it will hopefully encourage those who use the web-based Play Store often to report inappropriate content as soon as they find it.