Android Wear app brings music recognition to your wrist


Android Wear’s feature set is quickly expanding now that third-party developers are rolling out their own smartwatch apps, and there are some real treats to be found in Google Play. The latest is called EchoWear, and it brings Shazam-like music recognition to your wrist to help you identify the tracks you hear around you.

How many times have you heard a great song in a bar or on the radio and wanted to buy it, but you have no idea what it’s called? Usually you’d have to pull out your smartphone and open up an app like Shazam or SoundHound to identify it, but now your Android Wear device has you covered, thanks to EchoWear.

Developed by recognized XDA Developers member “kevdliu,” and available to download free from Google Play, EchoWear needs just a few seconds to identify music playing around you using the microphone built into your Android Wear device. And because it’s powered by Gracenote, it’s incredibly accurate.

To begin, simply tell your watch to “start Echo search.” Once EchoWear has identified the song that’s playing it’ll tell you what it is and send a notification to your phone for later. The smartphone companion app will also let you view your song search history.

EchoWear’s creator has other new features and improvements planned — such as a retry button for when the app isn’t successful first time — but for now, it’s a perfectly functional music recognition app that’s well worth a download.