Minuum keyboard looks surprisingly usable on Android Wear


Compact keyboard maker Minuum today released a new teaser for its upcoming Android Wear keyboard, and it looks surprisingly usable. The short clip demonstrates exactly how we’ll operate its incredibly tiny keys, which promise to be first to bring typing to Google’s new wearable platform.

Minuum is already famous for small keyboards. Even on full-scale Android, it prides itself on delivering a unique typing experience that allows for a virtual keyboard that’s less than half the size of traditional alternatives. But the company has had to really step up its shrinking game for Android Wear.

Its wearable keyboard isn’t even as thick as your fingertip, and yet in the teaser video below, it actually looks usable. You certainly won’t want to use it for extended periods, of course, but it may just come in handy when firing off quick replies to text messages while you’re stuck in those long and boring meetings.

Those with an Android Wear device who want to try Minuum will be able to do so “soon” when it hits Google Play. It’ll be available for both the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, and then later the Moto 360 as well.