Android Wear’s first app launcher gets super speedy brightness controls


Wear Mini Launcher, the first app launcher designed specifically for Android Wear, now makes it super quick and simple to control display brightness. Its latest update, available now in Google Play, also adds haptic feedback and fixes a bunch of bugs.

Wear Mini Launcher introduces a more traditional user interface to Android Wear devices by making apps available through an app drawer — just like that found on any Android-powered smartphone or tablet. If you’re struggling to get used to the default Android Wear interface, then, it’s the perfect workaround.

Wear Mini Launcher, which is completely free to download, already has an average rating of 4.7 stars in Google Play from 477 users, and its latest update makes it even more useful by adding a quick settings for brightness control. No longer must you dig around inside the Settings app to alter screen brightness.

In addition, the new release adds a haptic feedback vibration that is felt when the app drawer is opened, and makes a number of bug fixes. Those who were unable to install the app on Android Wear before should now find that it’s working just fine.

You can download Wear Mini Launcher for Android Wear now from Google Play by following the link below.