The best mail client on mobile just got even better


CloudMagic, the best third-party email client for mobile, just got even better thanks to a major new update that’s available right now on Android and iOS. In addition to adding quick filters for things like unread and starred messages, the release brings customizable alert tones, account nicknames, access to spam folders, and lots more.

If you haven’t already installed CloudMagic, then your email experience on mobile isn’t as good as it could be. Sure, there are other good mail clients, but CloudMagic tops them all with its clean and simple user interface and incredible feature set. It’s wonderfully simple to use, yet incredibly powerful.

Its most recent update makes CloudMagic even more awesome. Both the Android and iOS versions now support spam folders and the option to move messages to spam, quick filters that make it fast to reach unread and starred messages, customizable notification alerts, and the ability to choose colors and nicknames for your mail accounts.

The default reply button has now been changed to a regular reply button from “reply all,” and CloudMagic’s handy Cards feature — which lets you perform all kinds of actions from with your emails, such as adding messages to Pocket, Evernote, or viewing sender profiles on social networks — is now even faster.

CloudMagic also provides access to your complete mailbox now, so you can search for emails that you received years ago and it will find them. iOS users also have the ability to set the icon badge to an unread mail count.

Download CloudMagic today if you haven’t already and I’ll bet you never use another mail client on mobile again. It’s completely free on both platforms, and it supports almost all email services, including Google, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Aol, iCloud, and anything else that uses IMAP.