One M8 owners can now use wallpapers with the Dot View case

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 18.52.07

Got an official Dot View case for your HTC One M8? Then you’re going to love the update HTC just rolled out to its official Dot View app, which brightens things up a bit by allowing you to apply background wallpapers. HTC gives you a bunch to get you started, but if you’d prefer, you can choose your own photos, too.

The Dot View case has received plenty of praise since it went on sale alongside the One M8 back in May, but functionality is still pretty basic. It still only supports notifications from select HTC applications, so users must turn to third-party solutions to expand its functionality. That’s not the case for customization, however.

Update your Dot View app and inside its settings menu you’ll find the ability to apply new themes. There are a whole bunch of them pre-installed, and you select tap the plus icon in the navigation bar to add your own. The backgrounds brighten up the Dot View screen and make it much more attractive.

In addition to this, HTC has improved the redial feature, which now presents you with the three most recent calls — and you can swipe left and right on your Dot View case to view more notifications.

The official Dot View case is priced at $49.99 by HTC, but you can get it for under $30 on It’s available in a number of colors, and in addition to providing the nifty notifications view, it provides all around protection for your One M8 with a sleek and stylish design.