Acer’s new Chromebooks pack Intel’s latest Core i3 processors


Acer is adding two new Chromebooks to its C720 lineup this month — both of which are powered by fourth-generation Intel Core i3 processors. Prices will start at $350 for 2GB of RAM, while $380 will get you double that.

Acer’s C720 is one of the most popular notebooks powered by Chrome OS, thanks in part to its design and its affordable price tag. However, like most Chromebooks to date, they have been powered by entry-level mobile processors — namely the Intel Atom and Celeron lineup.

Google’s own Chromebook Pixel has been the exception to that rule, featuring a speedy Intel Core i5 processor, but it is substantially more expensive than third-party options. Acer is now making Haswell technology more affordable with its latest additions to the C720 lineup.

Both machines will be almost identical; they’ll have the same 11.6-inch display with a 1366×768 resolution, the same 1.7GHz dual-core processor, the same 32GB solid-state drives, and the same Intel HD 4000 graphics chips. They’ll differ slightly in the memory department, however.

The marginally cheaper model, which is priced at $350, comes with 2GB of RAM; while the $380 model comes with 4GB of RAM. Both will be available later this month in the U.S., and you’ll be able to buy them directly from Acer, or from third-party electronics retailers.