How to clear all notifications in the Android L preview


While the Android L developer preview gives us a taste of what’s coming this fall, many of the features and improvements that were showcased at Google I/O last month are missing. So are some classic Android functions, including the ability to clear all alerts from the notification pane by tapping just one button.

Fortunately for those already running the Android L preview, there is a third-party workaround that will save you a lot of time and frustration.

I got a lot of notifications on my phone, and since I installed the Android L preview over a week ago, I’ve been clearing them all one-by-one. It’s been a pain, so much so that I’ve considered downgrading back to KitKat until the clear-all function is brought back by Google. But then I found a solution.

Koushik Dutta, the creator of ClockworkMod Recovery and ROM Manager, has developed a tweak that adds clear-all function to your notification pane. Technically it just another notification rather than a new button, but it appears above all other notifications at all times so that it’s easy to find.

It’s not completely seamless, but it works, and it’s far quicker than dealing with every alert individually. And if you don’t have any outstanding notifications, the “Clear Notifications” option won’t appear, so you don’t have to look at it permanently.

The tweak is simple to setup — you just need to install the APK (after accepting install from unknown sources), and then enable it. You can download it by following the source link below.