Android Wear’s first game is another Flappy Bird clone


I’d have put good money on Android Wear’s first game being a Flappy Bird clone. Google Play has been inundated with them since the incredible success of the original title, and so it seemed inevitable that someone, somewhere, would be working hard to be the first to bring a flappy game to Google’s new wearable platform.

It’s called Flopsy Droid, and it’s a free download that’s compatible with both the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live.

Flopsy Droid hits Google Play just as the first Android Wear devices begin reaching their owners around the world. If you played the original Flappy Bird — or any one of its hundreds of shameless clones — then you’ll already be familiar with how it works.

But just in case you’re not, the aim of the game is to fly the little droid through a series of pipes without crashing f0r as long as possible. He flaps his wings every time you tap the display, so timing is key. If you collide with a pipe or hit the ground, you must start again.

The original Flappy Bird was infuriating, yet incredibly addictive — which is why it became so popular before its creator decided to pull it. And Flopsy Droid delivers much of the same, only this time it all happens on your wrist; there is no smartphone component here.

To install Flopsy Droid on your Android Wear smartwatch, just follow the Google Play link below on your connected smartphone.