Grab An Unlocked 16GB GSM Galaxy Nexus For $459 From Daily Steals [Deal Alert]

There’s a pretty sweet deal going for anyone looking to pick up an unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus. For about 13 more hours, the Daily Steals site is offering an unlocked 16GB GSM Galaxy Nexus for the insanely low price of $459. Okay, it’s not “insanely low,” but it’s still a heck-of-a-lot cheaper than the usual $700 price tag.

This is a great opportunity for any AT&T or T-Mobile customer looking to join the Android 4.0 club. There’s also nothing better than owning your phone outright and free of a carrier choke hold. If you’ve been contemplating a Galaxy Nexus purchase, it’s time to act. The deals ends today so grab it while you can.