“OK Google” hotword detection now available in 9 new languages


Google has expanded its “OK Google” hotword recognition functionality from the homescreen to nine other new languages. Earlier, the hotword detection was only available to English speaking users in the U.K, US and Canada, with support for French and German users added very recently. 

Now, users of English in any locale can enjoy hotword detection from their homescreen along with Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Spanish and Japanese language users.

Keep in mind that the recently introduced “OK Google” hotword detection from any screen will not be available to these users. They will only be able to trigger the hotword detection if they are using the Google Now Launcher or when Google Now itself is opened.

Since this is a server side service, it is not neccessary that the feature would be instantly available to you. To be on the safe side though, make sure you are running the latest version of Google Search (v3.5) released a few days ago.