Location-exclusive filters pop up on Snapchat unannounced


For the past two days, Snapchat has secretly implemented a ton of new location-exclusive filters in its Android application and despite not having an official announcement, they are proving to be incredibly popular amongst avid users of the service who have eagerly taken to Twitter to share their latest ‘snapsterpieces’ with the new filters applied.

Folks capturing and sharing images using the service in New York are receiving brand new logo-orientated filters for Brooklyn, Broadway and Manhattan, in addition to a dollar shower when they’re in or near the Financial District. Be sure to check out a preview of these images in the gallery below.

Enabling the new location filters is super easy. All you have to do is ensure you have the latest version of Snapchat installed on your handset, then head into Settings, followed by Additional Services, tap Manager and check the box next to the word Filters. You will then be asked to provide the application with permission to view your current location — click OK.

We hope to see Snapchat’s new location-exclusive filters in more geographical locations worldwide, not just in New York, so, if you happen to come across any new filters in your area do be sure to let us know by dropping us a line in the comments section below together with any images you’d like us to add to our gallery.